Back To Bogotá...

At some point I'm going to finish that song. In my head it's a cool groove about this crazy place, problem is it's still in my head.  But being here live after a two-month stint back in the States does get the creative juices flowing again.  You gotta love Bogotá!  It's now the dry season, and it's spectacular. Clear, dry air blowing big puffs of clouds through a sky so blue you could drink it.  Verdant mountains and flowers everywhere.  But there is el trafico loco, and the best analogy is that it's like driving in a school of fish.  Cars, trucks, busetas, taxis bobbing and weaving, but never touching.  Pretty amazing, actually.

Last week was a whirlwind of gig preparation and playing. The Moonlighters, a fine big band of excellent players doing great charts, was Thursday night for the Town of Cary.  It was the last of a series of free outdoor concerts the city puts on at the crossroads of downtown.  Very cool event and many appreciative folks dancing in the streets.  Then Friday and Saturday nights at the Umstead Hotel, which is another world entirely - five star and stunning.

Things go from 21 pieces to 2 as Gene Barrio and I do the duo thing.  Gene and I have been playing together for eight years in all kinds of groups and iterations.  Trios, quartets, rock. jazz, even ballroom dance for a blessedly short time.  But the duo is where we work best, at least it's what gets the most jobs.  Gene's work on the upright bass makes it easy.  I just sit back and ride the groove.  We know each other so well that when we occasionally take sidetrips and find ourselves in the nether world of musical delirium, we can usually bring each other back to reality.  What's great fun is when both of us go off and find our way back together.  Boom, we tag a phrase or hit the downbeat in perfect synch, look over at the other guy and smile...

But now it's back to the reality of the business of music.  The new CD, "Coffee Colored Eyes," is getting some traction with a few retailers picking it up.  The video is in 59 countries and cruising along. Interviews are being scheduled, and there's an important gig coming up at the US Embassy here, so it's time to rehearse the new band and see what happens.

If it's anything like the last several performances, it'll be a blast!

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