Video Village

Good things come to those who wait...  And it was worth it to let Rodrigo work his magic on "Caribbean Feeling."  Que buena suerte!  The original idea was to take a few photos of the historic port city that was so important to the Spanish exploits in South America - and Cartagena has seen more than its fair share of war and plunder over the centuries.  But that idea was trumped by Andrés Anzola, the graphic designer on "Coffee Colored Eyes," when he suggested we contact his cousin, Patricia Ruiz, a media professor there, who in turn recommended Rodrigo Mendoza to shoot a video instead.  So, a slide show became a short film, and Cartagena is center stage.

Rodrigo took some liberties, which you have to allow the creative sorts because that's when they do their best work.  He departed pretty much entirely from the "script" suggested by the lyrics of the song. His idea was for the "island in my mind" to become a succession of missed opportunities for a romantic encounter.  A transliteral interpretation of the director's reasoning, "'s much more interesting to have the song go in one direction and the film go in another."  And he's right on.  Instead of a travelogue with the expected realization of the protagonist with the Caribbean beauty sharing a "sunset sail," he ends up having "another margarita" alone reminiscing about the near miss.  Very cool disconnect.

And the Caribbean beauty is left entirely to the imagination, despite a number of inquiries for her phone number.  She is, after all, a dream, Sí?

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