What's being said, or thought, about the music...


I am listening to your beautiful CD as I am writing.  Delightful. You are talented beyond words…even multilingual words!  It is refreshing to hear lyrics that have imagery, metaphor, depth, poetic devices! That’s what I miss in much of contemporary music (as you can imagine, I have to hear too much of Justin Bieber being around so many 14-year-olds).  Obviously, Colombia has sparked your creativity! The CD is a wonderful mix!  I like the violin, samba sound, and your voice!

Debora Orrick, Austin, TX

"...this is the kind of music you come back to, because memories, like a good melody, stand the test of time."   

Richard Emblin, The City Paper, Bogotá, Colombia


"Caribbean Feeling is just fantastic Mr. Stillman! Excellent!" 

 Toño Restrepo, recording artist, Bogotá, Colombia


"Beautiful City. Great shots. Nice atmosphere. Soulful music."  

"This song has a very COOL Latin groove. The video is beautiful for its cinematography and resists being a "travelogue." There is an innocent dynamic between the two characters as they cross paths but never encounter--which leaves us wondering: does the girl really exist, or is she just an expression of desire? The music is rich and the violins, sweet. I want to hear more!"

Winslow Stillman 

Finding himself in Colombia with some time to kill, this Triangle jazzman fell in with the local jazz players. The result is this lovely collection of tropical-flavored jazz-pop, bright and sunny.

DAVID MENCONI, Charlotte Observer


"A perfect song... easily gets into your head ...and lingers!!"  Joanne Rice,


Your music was outstanding last night!!!  Will it be the trio again in May?  Let's get some more dates for you guys!

Steven Adams, Proprietor, The Peak City Grill & Bar

Love 94 Smooth Jazz Hey Winslow; we finally have a face to go with your music. Nice seeing & hearing you.

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