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Winslow Stillman (, $12.95). Finding himself in Colombia with some time to kill, this Triangle jazzman fell in with the local jazz players. The result is this lovely collection of tropical-flavored jazz-pop, bright ...
What stayed in Cartagena - News & Observer
What stayed in Cartagena, News & Observer By Winslow Stillman: Why can't they get it right? It's Cartagena. That's CartaHEYna not Cartageña, with a NYah. Even MSNBC's Chris Matthews butchers it from time to time, and he moderated one of the most important sessions at the Hilton, ...and more;
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Winslow Stillman has over 40 years experience in the music business. He is an award-winning music and broadcast producer, having created highly successful syndicated radio shows, including NASCAR Country, and ...
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