Winslow Stillman
Stillwind Music, BMI 2009

Whoever said that the way of the world
Is the way things must go?
Love comes along and promises unfurl,
But then fly wherever the wind may blow,
I have seen the tears behind your smile.

Somebody hurt you,
Someone broke your heart.
Now you fear love will desert you,
You don’t even want to start, no, no,
There’s no need to hide behind your smile,
Because love is here.

Jilda, I see the fire of the night in your eyes,
Jilda, I hear the song of delight in your sighs,
Jilda, come with me.
Jilda, come with me.

Piano and Keyboards: Toño Castillo
Bass: Paul Rodriguez
Percussion: Jose Luis Escobar
Drums: Toño Castillo
Backing Vocals : Sacha Hidalgo
Vocals and Guitars : Winslow Stillman